Inooro TV Anchor: I Was Shortchanged After Accepting Job With Tripple Salary

  • Inooro TV journalist Njambi Wa Njau on Friday, March 17, narrated her heartbreaking experience after accepting a job paying three times more.

    During an interview on the Jeff Kuria Show, the vocal journalist recalled that she received an unbelievable offer while working at the vernacular media station.

    “I could not believe it when I got the papers, I asked someone to confirm it for me,” she stated.

    Reportedly, friends tried to talk her out of the offer, but she was adamant and quit Inooro TV for her new venture.

    Inooro TV anchor Njambi Wa Njau posing for a photo on February 26, 2023

    Inooro TV anchor Njambi Wa Njau posing for a photo on February 26, 2023


    Njambi Wa Njau

    However, she was only paid for the first three months adding that the company was reluctant to pay the workers for the subsequent months.

    “For eight months I did not receive a salary and I was a new a new mother and had just separated from my husband,” she recalled.

    Reportedly, the managers used to cook meals for them at work as compensation while questioning why she and other employees needed a salary.

    When she could no longer bear it, Njambi quit and started doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

    “My family was so supportive during this time. I am loved by my family, they divided duties on how to take care of me and my son. I appreciate them for their help,” she remarked.

    The journalist noted that after being away from the media industry, a friend called her, informing her of a job opening at Inooro TV, and urging her to apply.

    Njambi narrated that she recorded the video demo while in the market in Kiserian, where I had gone for a job. She noted that she was not hopeful of getting the job, considering others who had applied.

    “I remember when the HR called me, I was on my way home from Kisii. I thought I was dreaming and let out a loud scream. I did not even go to Nairobi,” she narrated.

    She stopped at her family home, preparing to go to Royal Media Services (RMS) to collect her acceptance letter.

    Inooro Tv anchors Ken Wa Kuraya (left) and Njambi Wa Njau (right) in studio on September 2021

    Inooro Tv anchors Ken Wa Kuraya (left) and Njambi Wa Njau (right) in studio on September 2021


    Ken Wa Kuraya

    “For three months, I was trained by Ken Wa Kuraya, and then I was absorbed. As they say, the rest is history,” she stated.

    Conclusively, she encouraged her fans always to have a second plan in case plans do not go as expected, adding, “Never lose your value. God always has a plan for you. Know your worth and live according to your worth.” 

    Njambi wa Njau hosts the 7 pm and 9 pm news on the vernacular media station alongside Ken Wa Kuraya.

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