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Nairobi head of police Adamson Bungei

Nairobi head of police Adamson Bungei Sunday declared a planned protest by the Azimio La Umoja coalition illegal.

He said the protest will not be allowed as it does not meet the threshold of the provisions of the Public Orders Act, 2012 Section 5 (2) provides that any person intending to convene any meeting or a public procession shall notify the regulating officer of such intent at least three days but not more than fourteen days before the proposed date of the public meeting or procession.

“Therefore, any person that will participate in the planned demonstration is notified to do so peaceably as guided by the Constitution of Kenya and any other supporting legal framework.”

“We wish to assure all Kenyans and persons of goodwill within the City of Nairobi that we have taken appropriate security measures to ensure public safety and freedom of movement at all levels,” he said.

He added any person that will breach the peace or break the law during the procession shall be dealt with decisively according to the law.

He said he received a notification from Azimio and Nairobi Business Community on the planned protests and none of them met the requirements to be allowed.

The law says the organizers of the protests should just notify the police to provide security not allow or ban the same.

There is chaos in the offing after Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna said they will go on with the protests against impunity, and the high cost of living among others.

“Liberation struggles are never easy. There will be some inconveniences and discomforts tomorrow. I understand why some of you may not want to join us especially if you have a comfortable job, are able to pay rent on time, can afford Unga even if it went up to 500 shillings a packet, all your kids are in school and you have no debts.”

“Since Baba has declared a Public Holiday, you are free to stay indoors as we try to create a fairer society for everyone. You are not an enemy of the liberation, we understand you,” he said.

“To everyone else, come out and make your voice heard. Extend support and the warm Nairobi Hospitality to those coming in from upcountry. If you can spare an extra slice of bread or a bottle of water offer it to your fellow liberator.”

“They may be here a long time and we all know it’s unafrican to ask a guest how long they will be staying. See you tomorrow.”

Dozens of police have been mobilized for the confrontation.

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