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missing German tourist, Nick Frischke,

The family of missing German tourist, Nick Frischke, say they feel helpless as more than a month has passed since Frischke disappeared while on a hike in Hangberg.

The 22-year-old vanished after allegedly being robbed on a hiking trail in Cape Town.

Five suspects have been arrested after they were found in possession of items belonging to Frischke.

However, to date, efforts to trace him have proven unsuccessful.

As reported by IOL, André Hallwas, Frischke’s father, has called on anyone with information to come forward.

“We currently feel a little helpless because we can’t do anything but wait. We are waiting and also have the impression that the police aren’t doing much anymore.

“There’s not much we can do.”

“After we initially started a big media campaign and it became well known, we can’t do much now but wait,” he said.

Hallwas added his greatest wish is that Nick is found safe and sound.

He expressed, “It is difficult to live without knowing what is going on with him.”

According to police spokesperson, Joseph Swartbooi, Frischke’s disappearance is still under investigation.

Swartbooi said, “Although the search has been scaled down, search teams are deployed on the mountain and in the area, he was last seen in as new information emerges.

“The five suspects who were arrested on charges of robbery, relating to the mentioned person, were remanded in custody until their next court appearance.”

The chairperson for the Hout Bay Community Police Forum (CPF), Anthony Chemaly said they are hopeful that further leads will come in.

We continue to check in with SAPS daily and pass along any information that comes in. We continue to hope that further leads will come in and result in other avenues of investigation. We cannot imagine how the family may be feeling. We collectively hope and pray for a swift resolution for the family,” added Chemaly.

The community has expressed concern over the increase of muggings on the hiking trails in the area.

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