Life-Saving Function of Dotted Lines on Side Mirrors

  • Often, motorists and other road users are advised to exercise caution to reduce the number of casualties. To achieve this, some car parts are installed to help achieve road safety.

    One of the parts is the side mirrors, often called the driver’s second pair of eyes. They provide the driver with a wider view of the road.

    Unknown to some motorists, some side mirrors have a dotted line that may be confused for a broken mirror.

    It divides the mirror into two sides. The part with the dotted line facing outside is called the outer side. It is a convex mirror that maximises the driver’s field of vision.

    A collage of vehicles stuck in traffic in Nairobi (left) and an example of a side mirror with a dotted line.

    A collage of vehicles stuck in traffic in Nairobi (left) and an example of a side mirror with a dotted line.


    It is at the third section of the side mirror, enhancing the role of the mirror in reducing blind spots and reduce fatalities.

    The dotted lines gauge the vehicle’s distance behind you when changing lanes while on the road.

    When a vehicle is on that smaller portion of the mirror, it means it is too close and, therefore, dangerous to switch lanes. 

    On the other hand, if the car is on the larger portion of the mirror, it means it is too far, and it is clear to change lanes.

    The part on the side of the car helps the motorists see areas behind and to the sides of the vehicle outside the driver’s eye-view.

    To guarantee safety, some side mirrors have anti-glare features to ensure help reflect the light, especially when driving at night.

    Meanwhile, when changing lanes, motorists are encouraged to indicate their intended direction to avoid an accident, especially on a busy highway.

     According to data from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) released on Thursday, March 23, road fatalities reduced from 1,021 to 974 on March 20, 2023, compared to the same period in 2022.

    “The 4.6 per cent drop is mainly attributed to increased public education and awareness through the government road safety mainstreaming program,” NTSA detailed.

    Car moving in Thika Road, Nairobi County

    Car moving in Thika Road, Nairobi County

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