Mother Exposes Glaring Gaps in Death of Lady Who 'Jumped' From Kasarani Apartment

  • The mother to 29-year-old Brenda Kawira, who allegedly jumped from an apartment in Ngumba estate, Kasarani area on Saturday, March 25, exposed gaps in how the case was reported.

    During an interview with the Lynn Ngugi Network, the mother detailed the reports from the boyfriend who Brenda lived with and that of others involved in the case.

    It was first reported as a suicide when Brenda ‘jumped’ from the fourth floor of the apartment, falling face-first to the ground on March 22.

    She was rushed to the hospital but was reported dead and was taken to the Kenyatta University Funeral Home.

    A collage of the late Brenda Kawira at different event

    A collage of the late Brenda Kawira at different events


    One of the inconsistencies listed by the mother was the difference in dates according to the morgue documents.

    Kawira’s mother stated that the contact details on the morgue documents did not match the person who checked in with Kawira’s body. 

    “We were told there were no CCTVs but I saw them. We were told that she was taken to the morgue at 1 am but it is different in the documents,” she stated.

    “During the postmortem, he told us that they had a party. I told the police of the changes in the statements but they told me it was irrelevant maybe the boyfriend was emotional,” she added.

    According to the mother, the boyfriend detailed that Kawir woke up in the middle of the night and asked to travel to Meru before she went to the balcony for ‘fresh air’. A few minutes later, the boyfriend stated that he heard a loud thud.

    However, according to Kawira’s sister, the boyfriend told her that Kawira was intoxicated and tried to climb down through the balcony as a certain neighbour had done earlier.

    Additionally, the boyfriend claimed that no one came to the scene of the incident where Kawira’s body was lying helplessly.

    A neighbour, however, dismissed the claims adding that when the incident occurred, the residents surrounded the area before the victim was rushed to the hospital.

    “When we got to the apartment, I noticed a broken window near the kitchen balcony. It was alleged that the boyfriend broke the window to check on Kawira on the balcony,” the sister noted.

    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road

    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road

    Simon Kiragu


    Additionally, Kawira’s mother complained that considering the impact of falling face down, Kawira’s body did not have many injuries on the face.

    She added that their private pathologist reportedly concluded that a blunt object hit her on the chest area.

    It was alleged that the 29-year-old paid the rent for their shared apartment with the boyfriend. However, when the mother went to collect her daughter’s items, they were wrapped up in a duvet.

    The family also lamented over hesitance by police officers at the Kasarani Police Station, who dismissed the case as suicide owing to a scribble on the deceased’s diary.

    Meanwhile, the family lauded the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for taking over the investigations from the Kasarani Police Station.

    Reportedly the deceased had received a scholarship to study in Australia, and her boyfriend wanted to accompany her as they relocate abroad.

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