Why Sliding Aluminium Doors Are Becoming Popular in Building

  • Contemporary building and construction trends have been more about the aesthetic value rather than the functionality aspect. 

    The trend of sliding aluminium doors is one of the trends growing in popularity in modern house designs. The doors, often made of aluminium frames and filled with glass, have taken root as the alternative for convention hinged or pivot doors.

    Sliding doors are available in a wide array of designs, but the most common ones include the single design, made of one sliding panel and the double, which has two panels designed to side in either direction. 

    One of the ostensible values of sliding is the aesthetic value they add to a house, whether residential or commercial.

    A photo collage showing one variety design of sliding doors.

    A photo collage showing one variety design of sliding doors.

    Esteem Office interior

    The glass-made doors have gained traction owing to their capacity to light-up buildings. However, as explained below, these doors offer more than an aesthetic appearance. 


    Sliding doors are designed to slide to the end of the track instead of the swing doors, which open partially owing to space constraints. This makes them suitable, especially when moving big objects like furniture. 

    Further, contemporary designs have embraced bathroom sliding doors due to their capacity to economise on space. 

    In addition, the doors have proven to be more efficient in commercial buildings since they allow easier mobility. The spacious opening allows the movement of people in and out without space constraints that would have been encountered in buildings with hinge doors. 

    Energy Efficient 

    In terms of economising on energy, sliding doors have offered efficiency since they allow natural light to enter the building as opposed to conventional metallic doors. 

    Thus, the owner cuts down the budget for electricity bills as the lights are switched off for the better part of the day. The use of blinds helps to improvise Privacy when the owner deems fit. 

    Other advantages of sliding aluminium doors include the safety standards they guarantee. The doors’ tracks are fitted with gasket fillers, making them airtight to prevent dust and other particles from entering the house.

    In addition, this type of door has gained traction in houses constructed for commercial purposes owing to the value they add. Real estate firms, for example, have proven the difference between houses fitted with sliding aluminium doors and those with conventional ones. 

    In Kenya, aluminium doors range between Ksh10,000  to Ksh30,000 depending on the choice of brand and design. 

    Photo collage of artistic representation of a bungalow and a flat roofed house with a parking lot

    Photo collage of artistic representation of a bungalow and a flat-roofed house with a parking space.


    Kolkata homes/ Ocharo

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