Confusion as Raila Declares Kisumu Protests Still On

  • Azimio leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday, March 29, announced that demonstrations in Kisumu would continue as planned, hours after Governor Anyang Nyong’o denounced the protests.

    Speaking at Capital Hill offices after a meeting with the Catholic church leaders led by Bishop Anthony Muheria, the Azimio leader stated that demonstrations in Kisumu would go on, on Thursday, March 29. 

    Raila stated that the announcement was informed by a meeting he had with Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o who had also agreed with the move. 

    “We want to take this opportunity to thank Kenyans who have been coming to our meetings. That was an announcement today by the governor of Kisumu about the demonstration in Kisumu. 

    “We have talked with him and he has asked us to announce that there will be demonstrations in Kisumu tomorrow with the rest of the country,” Raila stated. 

    In addition, he reiterated that the protests would be held with the laws as guided by the constitution adding that they would be peaceful.

    “They will be peaceful. According to article 37 of our constitution, these demonstrations must be peaceful. We want to urge those who are planning to disrupt thyme to disease to do so,” added the Azimio leader.

    At the same time, speaking to the press on Wednesday, March 29, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o affirmed the move stating that the people had a right to express themselves and fight for the rights of the people.

    He called on the police to provide security during the demonstrations claiming that they were aware that goons had been hired to cause disruptions during the protests in Kisumu. 

    “We know that goons have been hired to disrupt the peaceful protests but we urge our people to not allow them to do so. 

    “We urge you to turn out in large numbers, we call upon the police to ensure peace and security during the demonstrations,” Nyong’o stated.


    More to follow…


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