Shix Kapienga: How I Survived Matatu Accident Outside Studio

  • NTV show host, Nancy Wanjiru, famously known as Shix Kapienga, on Tuesday, March 28, narrated how she survived a matatu accident outside Ghetto Radio studios along Parkroad, Nairobi. 

    Speaking to the Iko Nini podcast, Kapienga detailed the events indicating that she had gone for her lunch break and was heading back to the studio when the accident occurred. 

    The media personality affirmed that while she was crossing the road, a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) was speeding in her direction and knocked her down. 

    A photo of a warning sign indicating that an accident has occurred.

    A photo of a warning sign indicating that an accident has occurred.


    “I was hit by a Nissan, so what happened was I was crossing the road and heading back to the studio (Ghetto Radio) from my lunch break. Out of nowhere, a matatu came full speed ahead as I was just crossing. The next thing is I felt blood oozing as my leg was damaged,” she pointed out. 

    While recovering from the state of shock, she explained that the matatu driver was kind enough to come to her aid. She noted that the experience still traumatises her to date. 

    The recent statistics from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) revealed that the number of road fatalities had decreased by 4.6 percent between March 20, 2023, and the same date the previous year. 

    This meant that the number of fatalities dropped from 1,021 to 974. 

    At the same time, pedestrian fatalities reduced from 359 in 2022 to 330 in 2023, while pillion passenger fatalities decreased from 109 in 2022 to 93 in 2023. 

    Driver fatalities, however, increased from 95 in 2022 to 98 in 2023, while passenger fatalities rose from 154 in 2022 to 171 in 2023 and that of pedal cyclists increased from 15 in 2022 to 17 in 2023. 

    According to NTSA, the drop was attributed to the government’s sensitisation campaign titled Usalama Barabarani. 

    “The 4.6 per cent drop is mainly attributed to increased public education and awareness through the government road safety mainstreaming programme,” the statement read in part. 

    A file image of radio presenter Nancy Wanjiku Karanja known to many as Shix Kapienga

    A file image of radio presenter Nancy Wanjiku Karanja known to many as Shix Kapienga


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